CCPlus Teaches Your Employees How to Use Their Computer

One of the best ways to maintain and increase your competitive advantage is to provide your employees with the computer training and professional development they need to be more productive and thorough in their everyday activities. With CCPlus front and center, properly-trained employees perform their duties more effectively. This, in turn, means fewer calls to the help desk, reducing costs, downtime and more focus on more pressing issues.

Training Services

  • Basic to Advanced Tech Training
  • One-on-One or Customized Classroom Training
  • One-on-One Tutoring
  • Structure Learning Classes

Benefits of Our Training Services

Proper Equipment Use

CCPlus provides professional trainers to teach you and your employees how to use the equipment and the technology in your office. Classes range from basic to advanced. With our one-on-one training or customizable classroom training, we can meet your needs to suit your business.

Learning What You Need to Know

Custom-designed classes focus on what your employees need to know. With CCPlus, there’s no wasting time on things they will never use. We just train you and your staff to become more efficient and more profitable. Typically, custom classes will use parts of one or more standard manuals, although customized course materials are an option.

Get the Job Done

If you just need to properly complete a couple of new things, like updating a web page or simple network administration, CCPlus has its one-on-one tutoring. In a single session, we meet you at your office, or ours, then walk you through the tasks you need to learn. Instead of targeting broad concepts, we emphasize getting the job done. With its tight focus, a tutoring session is a much more time (and cost) efficient learning resource than traditional classes.

Relevant Teaching Resources

At CCPlus, we also offer structured learning classes. Most of our courses are designed with three levels of instruction: beginning/introduction, intermediate and advanced. We recommend that courses are taken in the proper sequence. This ensures a more thorough understanding of the subject. In most classes, each student receives his/her own computer to use during the hands-on, instructor-led training. They are also given a training guide which doubles as a reference manual after the class is completed.

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