CCPlus Reviews

Many small and medium businesses run their IT systems through CCPlus. Here’s what some of them had to say:
CCPlus has always had a resource available to assist us, even during non-standard business hour times

“As a 15 hour a day practice, we run into technological problems anywhere from 7am – 10pm.  CCPlus has always had a resource available to assist us, even during non-standard , business hour times”

Sean OrcuttFairmount Animal Hospital
We’re all able to focus on our jobs, knowing that if there is an IT issue that comes up, CCPlus is going to fix the issue quickly

“With CCPlus, I think the major advantage is the accessibility of the upper echelon at CCPlus.  You can start your quest for help with the Live Chat, but you always know that if for any reason you aren’t obtaining the results you need at the speed you need, you can always contact Randy or Brian and they will fix the problem quickly.  Also, I don’t feel like I’ve ever presented a problem that was too big for CCPlus.  It feels like they’ve done this before, and it’s no big deal.  Big company knowledge with small company accessibility.”

Duane GoodermoteVPS Controls
Ccplus is always there and responsive when we need them

“They take every project seriously and find solutions to keep us productive.  They were referred to us from another customer and from inception to ongoing maintenance they made the transition smooth and have met our needs timely and effectively. Their proactive approach is appreciated.”

Amanda ParkerParker & Lubanski CPAs
Having  CCPlus as our IT Firm has given us peace of mind

“The regular communications and quick response of the tech dept when there is an issue gives us the security we need to run our business and not worry about any tech issues. CCPlus is right there when we have a glitch and they are always happy to help. Go with CCPlus, you will be amazed at how having a responsive (and not reactive) IT dept can be. You will find that your productivity improves when you stop worrying about the “what ifs” and can focus on your business. Letting CCPlus do their job (and they do it well) gives me more time to do my job.”

Darcy KnappOwner Darcy Knapp Consulting
CCPlus provides fast, local support and is current on all HITECH HIPAA requirements and guidelines

“We have a “peace of mind” knowing that our system is in capable hands while monitoring our system. We have been with what is now CCPlus since we started our practice 18 years ago and have been satisfied with their service.”

Carolyn Acqualino, Practice ManagerPenfield Pediatrics
If we have a major issue outside of “office hours” there is someone who can assist us.

“When we have an issue there is someone available 24 hours to assist us. Randy, Brian and the whole team go above & beyond to ensure that your company is running smoothly. “

Corin Nichols, AGMJefferson Clinton Hotel
CCPlus is a competent, responsive company that takes their work seriously and they stay up to date on the technologies that are needed in this challenging world.

“CCPlus’s response time to deal with any issues we have had, like server down, is very fast. The protection against viruses ransomware, malware and other dangers provided to our hospital’s system.”

Maryl Mendillo, Practice ManagerColonial Veterinary Hospital
“CCPlus has been servicing our computers for several years and have always provided professional and reliable service. Their technicians are friendly and knowledgeable. They are always attentive to our needs and provide appropriate solutions so that we can continue with our day-to-day business activities.”
Cheryl HowlandFiltrec Corp.
“We understand the importance of focusing on core competencies. So, when it came to our computer system, we were more than willing to find a qualified company to handle it for us. CCPlus was a perfect fit. They reduce so much of the administrative headache of running a business because they repair problems quickly and efficiently and maintain our network so we have fewer issues. The peace of mind we have as a result of their work is something I would recommend to anyone!”
Steve Lader | PresidentRidge Cabinet & Showcase Inc.
“Our choice to select CCPlus for all our computer solutions has been one of the best experiences that we have had with a vendor. The implementation process has been extremely smooth and customer service is top class. They are always quick to respond to every request and oftentimes alert us about a problem before we become aware of it in the office. For web design, Internet safety, back-up systems, and more, it’s good to know they’ve got our back.”
Bill Titus | PresidentTI-BA Enterprises Inc.
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