Corporate Antivirus Solutions

Corporate Antivirus Solutions

Avert Infections with CCPlus’ Antivirus Program

Nothing is more important to you than your data that helps run your business. For most of us, that starts with the files on your computers. Did you know that 1 out of every 3 computers running Windows software has at least one virus on it? While you know you need an antivirus program on your computers, those programs can’t do their job if they aren’t monitored and updated often. That’s a lot of downtime waiting for those updates to finish. CCPlus knows you need serious security. We know you don’t have time for tons of annoying pop-ups and updates.

Our corporate antivirus solution downloads all the updates regularly. We then apply them over your network to save you time and bandwidth.

Benefits of Our Antivirus Solutions

Our solutions centralize management. This allows your business to define and deploy security policies across the entire organization. This increases productivity. It also allows the business to apply security policies globally, as well as monitor and reconcile intrusion events. Now, no matter how many employees or computers you have, your security measures won’t be tampered with by well-intended employees who often accidentally disable malware protection programs on their work computers without even knowing it.

How It Works

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