Customized Service Plans

When you purchase either CCPlus’ Platinum, Gold or Silver Plan, you not only get the top-flight care of our Dental Technicians and Engineers, you can apply the plan balance elsewhere! Your Plan Balance can be used for:

Network & Server Support

Desktop & Laptop Support

Network Security: installation & setup of software

Telephone Support: remote access to your systems

Software or Hardware Upgrades

IT Problem Solving


We are Founding Members.

Important things to know about our plans:

  • Platinum Plan: travel included
  • Gold Plan: reduced rate (0.25 hour minimum)
  • Silver Plan: reduced rate (0.25 hour minimum)
  • 24-hour emergency response: Silver, Gold & Platinum Plans only)

Our Gold Plan

Your unused Gold Balance never expires. Time is accurately tracked and you will receive a detailed statement for each support activity indicating the type of service, the amount of your balance consumed, and the remaining balance. Unlike a typical support contract, the Gold Plan can be applied toward a wide variety of services and products over an unspecified period of time.

Could your business use some IT support?